About LanConnect Inc.

At LANConnect, Inc., we service the Mid-Atlantic region and travel nationwide for our clients.

The company started in 1998 in Bridgeport, PA. Since then, we’ve grown to a current size of over 100 field technicians and 20 office staff. 

All of the principals of the company are experienced in premise wiring and are aware of the equipment, materials, and test gear necessary to perform this task well. Collectively, we also have experience in: Sales, Materials Procurement, Accounting, and Project Management. We are certified by top name manufacturers and have certificates available for any job. Our installation technicians are highly trained professionals who share our dedication to doing the job correctly the first time. All installations are tested to the latest Category or Level specifications using the newest test equipment. 

LANConnect provides: Experience, Excellent Service, Top Grade Materials, Competitive Pricing to a market where there is a real need for a company that keeps its promises.


IBEW 98 S&C/Electrical

Local 313 Delaware S&C/Electrical

Local 98 North S&C/Electrical

Local 351 South Jersey S&C/Electrical

Local 164 North Jersey